St Mary’s Church, Staindrop

formerly St Gregory’s - serving the community for 1250 years



Getting married is an important step in life and we are always delighted to hear from couples seeking to be make their commitment to each other in front of their family and friends, and before God, in the setting of the church.

Can I get married in Staindrop?

Anyone who lives in the parish may be married in the church, provided they are free to do so, have never been previously married and are of marriageable age.

To determine which which parish you live in:

    please click here and enter your postcode on the search box.

Please note the restrictions in place throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic

What if I live outside the parish?

The law on where you can get married was changed recently, and this allows couples to be married in our church if either of them has a qualifying connection with Staindrop Church.  To see more about what is a qualifying connection follow this link.

What does it cost?

In 2019 the basic cost for a wedding is £ 489 with extras such as heating, a verger and an organist this rises to  £629.  The church also has a fine peal of bells which you can request to be rung.  This is not always possible, but attempts will be made to secure a band.  Currently it costs £90 for a group of ringers from around the area.

To arrange a wedding, please contact the vicar.

If either of you has been divorced and a former partner is still living, the vicar will be happy to discuss with you the possibility of being married at St Mary’s.

If you are getting married elsewhere but have been told you need to have your banns read at St Mary’s please contact the vicar.

There is a wealth of information available from the Church of England’s dedicated website.

In 2015 the Government made it a requirement that proof of ID must be shown when booking a wedding - the easiest such proof is a current passport.